8-core MT6592 goes official!

Now it is confirmed, that MediaTek is set to release its 8-core chip which we can expect to flood the market next year. Apple recently adopted the 64-bit architecture and it is soon to come with Android as well. With MediaTek, the MT6592 eight-core processor, that can be achieved and it is prospecte that it will be the trend for next year.

The said chipset has already been on the hands of manufacturers for them to test and debug the 8-core chip on their future smartphones. MLAIS leaked a photo of the MT6592 chip on board; it says MT6592V and the codename for the letter V is still unknowned. We have known from the recent MT589T, T means a Turbo chip at a higher clock speed. (from 1.2GHz to 1.5GHz)

MT6592 true eight-core chip

While the other information about the possible specifications we can see from a MT6592 phone cannot be distinguished right now, it has been first known that the MT6592 chip will run on a 28-nm process of 8 ARMv7 cores, has a 2GHz base clock frequency, a score of over 30,000 in AnTuTu Benchmark Test tool, and will be paired with a quad-core MALI GPU.

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