A Little Info About Me

So chances are, you’ve never heard of me. That’s ok. With all the continuous sprouting of tech-bloggers out there, it’s difficult keeping track  of who’s who. So it would be rude to not introduce myself and give you some background information about me.

As you know, my name is Ian Albert Austria. People call me Hideki, and I am the owner of the Ask Hideki blog; a local tech-blog of mine. I am a young geek and techie guy from the Philippines. I love to write and do hands-on of what’s latest in tech, all these cool gadgets and awesome phones.

Now, I made this site to promote Chinese-made handsets.




Why I promote China Phones?

Way back few years ago, the production of made in China products such as mobile phones and tablets started abruptly and guess what; people or customers doesnt like it. Most especially its because of the build and quality.

But now, I am telling you this my friend; latest and recent China-made handsets and gadgets arent bad at all. You just have to know how to classify a junk from a what is not.

And lucky for you, I am here to present you all those decent Chinese mobiles and tablets that is never a waste of your money. Build quality and performance is always our setting point. The best part of it is; China phones are relatively cheap compared to other branded phones.

But what if you are just paying for the brand name and not the quality and performance of your phone? Its not practical right?

If you want to save, and get more out of your hard-earned bucks, then lucky for you; you are on the right place.

Follow me as I direct you on good deals among China phones that you can purchase online. Trust me, I wont BS you. I write at Ask Hideki, and I know what I am writing about a phone, tab or any other devices.

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I promote only legit sites

I do not promote sites that aren’t legit and scams people out. I will only promote stores/sellers that I have experienced on dealing with already.