Android Figures: Mixed Series 03 and D.I.Y. Collectible from

I have been dying to have these really cute creatures so that it can accompany my video and photos I am using for my reviews especially on Android phones but I cannot find a place here in our locals that sells it.

Look at what we got in the mail!

Its a package from

Short introduction with the

Its an online store based on Germany, owned by Markus and Monika, that sells the following:

  • Original Android-Figures from Andrew Bell.
  • Sticker with Android-designs.
  • Lighter, Mugs, Bags, Key-Loops, Speaker and many more.

You might also want to check em out at

By any case you are welcomed with the German site language, you can easily change the language of the site by clicking on the small flag at the right side.

Here’s what I got:

  • Android Collectible Mixed Series 03 {link}
  • Android Mini Series – D.I.Y. Collectible {link}


I made a video showcasing this, you might want to check it out.


Here’s a couple of pictures I took. Enjoy! collectibles collectibles

Android Collectible Mixed Series 03

Android Collectible Mixed Series 03

Android Mini Series - D.I.Y. Collectible

Android Mini Series – D.I.Y. Collectible ships worldwide, I recommend them if you are looking for really nice Android collectibles. Items are with high quality and guarantee you’ll get what you shopped. Sweet!

Disclaimer: sent us these collectibles as a token of thanks to me for sharing China phones related information and tips. Links to product page above is not affiliated.

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