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ATET W700: rumored ZTE Nubia clone

ATET isn’t a really popular brand, but now it has its

CUBE TALK5H: 5.5-inch goodness for just less than $150

CUBE is now setting the runway for its new flagship phone,

TCL Hero N3: new 6-inch phablet launched

The TCL brand has been making its noise lately with the

Vivo Y11i: 4-inch Quad Core at 1.3GHz

Vivo got something new on their deck. The Vivo Y11i is

DOOV D800: Quad Core with 5.5 inches screen

DOOV has been known to offer smartphones that is targeted to

Samsung W2013 aka Cool Pigeon E79 W2014: Dual Screen Clamshell Android Phone

A new phone from Cool Pigeon has been launched, dubbed as

The Origin Phone: a waterproof Chinese Android Phone

There is a smartphone called Origin Phone which is claimed to

Upcoming Beidou Big K gets compared with a Samsung Galaxy S4

Beidou daringly compared their latest Big K smartphone with a Samsung

Runbo X6: Fully Rugged Full HD Phone with 2GB RAM

Runbo X6 is a new China phone that packs a really

Philips W8560: is the $475 price tag acceptable?

Philips recently released its latest smartphone, dubbed as the Philips W8560.

First look at the Lenovo S898T: 5.3 inches phablet with 7.9mm thickness

The Lenovo S898T is one of the variety of smartphones showcased

ZOPO C7 Specs Review

The ZOPO C7 is a new offering from the well-known Chinese