Fastcardtech Discount Coupon Codes for Christmas: 3-5% off!

Okay guys, Mahone from Fastcardtech just sent me these coupon codes privately but I am sharing it here because I am feeling the holiday spirit of giving. We can all use these codes for our Christmas gadget shopping on the FCT site.


Fastcardtech Christmas Promotion

Fastcardtech Christmas Promotion

Below is a list of coupon codes you can use for a 3% discount on your purchases of order at minimum of $100! Codes only valid until December 31, 2012.

  • 1005837956
  • 1005829522
  • 1005816449
  • 1005803528
  • 1005798332
  • 1005782885
  • 1005772489
  • 1005765990
  • 1005754853
  • 1005748630
  • 1005735454
  • 1005728296
  • 1005716898
  • 1005703541

Then if 3% is still not good for you, here’s an alternative. Its a 5% discount code, but only for minimum of $200 purchases. Again, valid up only until December 31, 2012.

  • 1007821957
  • 1007816029
  • 1007801142
  • 1007798927
  • 1007789578
  • 1007774027
  • 1007769417
  • 1007759684
  • 1007742719
  • 1007735760


These codes are one-time use only, when a code has already been used, it won’t work anymore. However, there is no rule on how many codes a single person could use, if you want to use all then go.

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If you still haven’t found the phone to buy, I suggest you check out this link. Want something specific? I suggest this one: HDC Galaxy Note 2 S7100. It has 5.4-inch qHD screen, dual core and 1GB RAM. Best of all, it is priced at just $205 and eligible for free shipping!

Hurry now, don’t waste your time before these codes became taken already.

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