GPS Fix for UMI X1 [Video] – Applicable for other Chinese Android Phones (maybe?)

We got here a tip on fixing the GPS problem on the UMI X1 alongside with a video on how to do it. The video is Spanish but if you are streaming Youtube using your pc, you can turn on the Spanish captions and as well let the player translate the captions as well. While this feature is currently on beta, it is still better than nothing.

Watch the video below:

As quoted from our reader, gr8tjoey:

This is a different model, but the same motherboard (chipset). As you can see it is about poor connectivity between the motherboard & antenna. I used some connection cleaner fluid and “sprayed” 1 drop to the motherboard’s GPS connector (below the antenna). It helped a bit, but would be better to solder again the antenna to the GPS connector.

He had tried it with the  HDC Galaxy SIII Pro.

This might be a lot of use to some, and if you are really frustrated with the GPS performance of your Chinese Android device, you might want to give this a try. Thanks to AlegreCompra of YT as well.

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