Happy Holidays to all! Cheers for the new year! -from TecHideki.com

Hi guys. How’s everybody been doin? I hope everyone’s spending this holiday season really great. As for me, I have been on a holiday hiatus from blogging and updating this blog of mine about Chinese Android phones stuff. My all-time companion, netbook just gave up; and I was torn between bringing it on a repair shop or just buying a bigger and faster laptop.

Money is a bit of problem for me here and so I decided not to order yet the JiaYu G3 which is right now on sale at just $189.99. I had finally decided that besides all the really great smartphones that came out from China this year, the JiaYu G3 wins my choice. For the pricing and specs, you can never go wrong. However, I need money for my computer which is other than my phone, I cant hardly live long without. Haha.

With regards to my recent order of the HDC Galaxy Note 2 Pro last month, it was already in our country but I still dont have it to showcase as it is currently being on-hold in our customs department. I am a bit upset about it, and this lazy season hints me that I should just try to get it picked-up when the holiday’s over. I plan not to own this phone that’s why I am not really excited on having this as it was already marked as owned by my girlfriend. >.< That’s why I had also decided to think about my own smartphone choice, which is yes, the JiaYu G3 of course.

I will just try to post as much update as I can this time (Im just using other’s laptop lol), but still, let me greet you all guys a merry new year to every one.

Not sure if it would take me 2013 to do an update again, but let me just thank you for being a reader and reading this seemingly senseless post on this blog. ^_^


Ian A.

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