I ordered a HDC Galaxy Note 2 Pro from Fastcardtech

I just want to tell my readers that I had ordered a HDC Galaxy Note 2 Pro from Fastcardtech today. πŸ˜€

I was really eyeing on this phone for quite some time now and I finally decided to bring it on a check-out already from my cart at FCT. I Β originally wants a JiaYu G3 or a Xiaomi Mi-2 but I wasnt really able to commit on all the delays and how they keep on being a “hard-to-get” device for so many months.

I cannot wait till December for a hope of owning such dream-phones. We can expect that by that date, easy purchasing on these dream phones can be done. But I really want and need a new phone now and this cant wait up until next year. My ZOPO ZP100 is boring now that’s why I am upgrading to this 5.4-inch dual-core phablet knock-off.

That’s why I decided to buy the HDC Galaxy Note 2 Pro now. Sadly, I wasnt able to order when the 1GB RAM is readily available on stock. Now, I am now just expecting just a 512MB RAM unit but that is okay with me.

HDC Galaxy Note 2 PRO

HDC Galaxy Note 2 PRO

The HDC Galaxy Note 2 PRO is available for free shipping and retails for a bargain price of just $199. I didnt paid for the shipping as I had choose it to be sent here in the Philippines via REG Airmail as this one hasn’t failed me from all of my orders from China. I didnt want to use DHL or other as I do not want to get into trouble with the thieves at the customs of our country.

That means I will have to wait 15-30 days before this thing arrives on our doorsteps. I can wait though. I will make a review once I got this device. I havent made a feature post of this phone here, but we have a post about its predecessor, the HDC Galaxy Note 2; just not this PRO one.

HDC Galaxy Note 2 PRO specs

By the way, you might want to know the specs of this HDC Galaxy Note 2 Pro so you can have an idea why I picked this one out instead of other devices out there. Here’s a run down of its specs based on posted information online:

Model HDC Galaxy Note 2 Pro
Price $199 (free shipping)
OS Android 4.0 ICS
CPU Dual-core MTK6577 1.2GHz
GPU PowerVR SGX531
Screen 5.4-inches
960*540 pixels, qHD
Camera 8MP main, with AF/flash
1.3MP front
Dual SIM Yes, with 3G
Memory 512MB RAM
Battery 2*3000mAh

Click here to see it on Fastcardtech listing.

A free leather cover is also stated as free gift, so we’ll confirm that out once we got the unit.

Stay tuned, I will update you guys how does this goes. I will update this post based on the status of my order. I will make future posts featuring this device and also about making orders on FCT. Be sure to sign-up on our newsletter which you can see the form on the sidebar.

PS. Rumors say that the HDC Galaxy Note 2 PRO is made by ZOPO, and its almost the same as the ZOPO ZP900 but with a very high difference on the pricing. (please take this with a pinch of salt)


11/15/2012 – just had made the finalization of my order. My order processing was delayed due to me being in some sort of FCT advices of other better models to get and then me changing orders in the last minute. I have been considering the JiaYu G3 (which is already on stock but with higher price), or the HDC Galaxy S3 EX, or the other version of this Note 2 from HDC that is 1GB RAM model. But still, finally settled with this one; the HDC Note 2 PRO. I am planning to get the S3 EX up next with this, if there isnt any new interesting model will come up. Status up to this date: Unshipped.

12/9/2012 – its been already nearing a month now, but still I do not have the package on me. >_< This is why I really hate our postal services in our country. I should have opted for DHL but I do really fear the very high tax for me to pay. This customs policy in the Philippines really sucks, maybe the package was already been brought into our doorsteps but unluckily there isnt anyone present in out house that time that will receive the parcel. We don’t have a mailbox, just fyi.

I was happy that it was finally shipped few days after I put my order and got it processed. Another good thing for me that I did noted is its origin being from SG as my friend told me that he had experience of very fast delivery of parcels originating from Singapore post.

It sure do arrive fast here on our country.

Even FCT had asked me if I already got my package. I am really sure that they did sent one and didnt attempted to fool me out on faking this, this is the first time for a big delay that happened to me through all my online orders from different stores and of different bought stuff.

Will just update this post once I got my package. Im planning to make a visit on our post office, and I wish they didnt really intend to hold-up my thing and plans to milk-out some cash from me.

One thing I know is, the foreign countries on the opposite side of ours doesnt have this problem. They have really good governing people on their customs, and I envy them.

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