How to Fix ZOPO ZP100 Pilot 3G/HSDPA Issues

Evey ZOPO ZP100 Pilot users already know about this issue when using 3G/HSDPA as mode of network connectivity. It is simply the occurance of restricted mode/access or simply a loss of signal on the Pilot ZP100. This is very annoying as it happens most of the time especially when you are connected on the internet.

The only workaround that is already been doing by the ZP100 Pilot users are as of follows:

  • toggle Airplane Mode “on” and “off”.
  • completely not use 3G/HSDPA.

But the good thing is, ZOPO Mobile Shop official website already posted a new ROM that will fix this issue. Source here.

ZOPO ZP100 Pilot 3G Fix and new ROM

ZOPO ZP100 Pilot 3G Fix and new ROM

Another good thing about this new ROM is, the Google Market aka PlayStore is already fixed as well. No need to worry about unsearchable apps or inability to download from the PlayStore with your Pilot ZP100.

The step-by-step process on how to fix the 3G connectivity issue with the ZOPO ZP100 Pilot version can be found on this {link}

Basically, here’s the rundown of all the steps you need to do for installing this latest and fixed ROM:

  1. Format You need to reformat your ZP100 device and erase all your data. You can however make and restore a back-up of your important files and stuff using many Android back-up solutions.
  2. Flash the new ROM. This is the latest ROM for the ZP100 that we need to install. It came from official ZOPO site.
  3. Write IMEI Number. You need to take note first your IMEI number as per it gets erased once you undergo flashing. If you still have your box on you, then the IMEI is already written there.

Important Files Needed

Here are among the important files you need first, before you can proceed and complete this flashing operation:

  • ZOPO ZP100 Driver. You need to have this installed on your computer or whatever machine that we will be using to connect the ZP100 device. You can get this from the link source above.
  • Latest ZOPO ZP100 ROM files. This latest ICS ROM for the ZP100 has the full and fixed version of Google Play app, reboot in English version and this fixed 3G issues. {LINK}
  • Flash Tool. Basically, it is the PC application that we are going to use to flash the Pilot ZP100. Get it from this link (v4.0)
  • ZOPO IMEI Tools APK. As mentioned earlier, the IMEI number will be erased with the flashing process, thus we need to re-write the IMEI on the phone. Using this APK makes this task very easy to do. {Download LINK}

I also have a Pilot ZP100 with me, and I am also experiencing this problem. I haven’t tried it yet on my own device but I will update here once I am done. Anyways, feel free to try as it was already confirmed by other users to work.

I just hope that the wrong LED indicator on charging, weak and slow GPS locking, and weak LED flash intensity of the ICS Pilot ZP100 is also fixed soon. Its really a good sign that ZOPO is working for the developments of the ROMS of their Android smartphones products. JellyBean update (Android 4.1) is also not impossible, but we still cannot say.

By the way, check out my own review of this very recommended smartphone: ZOPO ZP100 Review (Pilot)

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