How to Get Discounts on Fastcardtech

Discounts, at any rate is already a big difference. Of course, it is always better to make purchases when you know you are discounted. You will save more, thus that’s the reason why you want to buy a China phone instead, to save.

So here I will share the tips on how you can get discounts on your Fastcardtech purchases.

get discounts on Fastcardtech

get discounts on Fastcardtech

Here’s some of the ways you can get discounts on Fastcardtech. Any of these can entitle you a 5% discount on your purchase. Pretty cool indeed? (source: link)

  • Make a purchase on your birthday. Seems like FCT knows how to give a birthday treat to its customers. Get an instant 5% discount on your shopping cart total cost calculation if you buy any FCT goods on your birthday.
  • Post reviews/reactions on the products’ sales page. Make more than 3 reviews, be sure to take screenshots of it and email it to them.
  • Like/share/recommend. Share, like or recommend the articles from and FCT blog, the threads on the forum/BBS, or even just the product links on Facebook. Minimum is 5 links, and email the shared story permalinks to them.

You only need to do any of the three mentioned methods above to get that 5% discount. Take note that you can only use the discount when making a purchase of goods with $100 or more total cost.

There are also other ways to get discounts, which are rated as follows: 3%, 7%, and 10% discounts.

Customers that regularly buys get ranks and follows that hierarchy of discount rates. So, the more you purchase on FCT, the higher discounts you can earn for your account. As far as I know, the 7% is entitled to resellers, while the 10% discount is for wholesalers who makes purchases in bulk. You can talk to them if you are interested.

Well, that’s it!

The 5% discount is already a good thing, so  enjoy!

PS. you can reach them via this address: promotion @

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