January 2014 – Fastcardtech New Year Discount Codes

The new year had just kicked-in and if you already seen it, a lot of new octa-core phones are now on store! So if you are planning on buying now a new Android device, especially those octa-core MT6592 phones, you might want to consider using these discount coupon codes you can use on buying from Fastcardtech.

Fastcardtech Ney Year 2014 Coupon Discounts 882014 – use this code for orders $100 and above to get $3 off the total cart price.

992014  – use this code for orders $200 and above to save $6.

 Why buy from Fastcardtech?

I have been promoting Fastcardtech for a year now and that is because they are my only recommended online store for China phone goods. I never had problems with them, they ship worldwide and always have the cheapest price around the internet for the latest China phones and gadgets.

If you are new with Fastcardtech, thought you might ought to know these:

  • they ship worldwide for free – Check for the Free Shipping logo, although the package arrival time might take longer than usual when compared with paid premium shipping options such as DHL. Still, its free. Other sites charges for this.
  • all phones comes with a spare battery – If not all, mostly. Check for the product details if it says 2x battery, most products nowadays comes with 2 pieces of batteries from Fastcardtech. It is a freebie, and is always good because you will no longer need to worry if the battery suddenly dies out and you do not know where to get a spare. Other sites profit from selling such item.
  • more freebies – Some products have freebies with them. It could be a stylish case or cover, and yes it is free.
  • cheapest price and discounts – Fastcardtech have the cheapest pricing on these products because they have direct contact with manufacturers in China. Occasionally, they always put up discount codes so its always wise to grab them while its hot. We are also able to receive exclusive codes for Techideki.com readers so stay tuned with that.

Click here and start shopping on Fastcardtech.


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