JiaYu G3 and iPhone 5 looks similar, will JiaYu get sued?

Well, I bet we all know already about the recent Apple vs Samsung trial from which Samsung lost the court and is billed to pay $1B for damage. That is because it was said that Samsung infringed the patented designs of Apple on its products.

Now, September 12 is the date that might be already marked on the calendars of iPhone fans. Its the said release of the iPhone 5.

So what’s the relation of this on this China phones blog of mine? While browsing my feeds today, I saw

this pic:

iPhone 5

iPhone 5

It is being said that the next iPhone might look like this on surface. Which reminds me of,

JiaYu G3

JiaYu G3

yes the JiaYu G3.

They have similarities in terms of physical aesthetics, do you agree?

So what will happen next?

I do not know. The only thing I am sure is, I cannot really wait any longer for the JiaYu G3’s official market entrance. This month, the JiaYu G3 must be out on sale already, it should be; and I will definitely be one on the first line to get it overseas. Its time to replace my pre-loved 4.3″ MT6575  device with this awesome JiaYu G3 baby.

Back to patents infringing issues, then why does these Chinese makers of iPhone clones arent sued? Maybe because they didnt steal, they just copied? LOL

Popular iPhone knock-offs are: GooPhone Y6, Google 4S M100, and KuPhone S9.

Let’s not think about that anymore, now back to our regular programming.

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