JiaYu G3 Official Firmware Update (G3-20121129-082828)

Good news to all JiaYu G3 users out there, JiaYu had released a new and official firmware of this really awesome phone. Firmware code is: G3-20121129-082828.

Judging from it, the update started to roll out since November 29. The firmware update was release to address the problem with power consumption on standby.

JiaYu G3 ROM Firmware Update

JiaYu G3 ROM Firmware Update

Reports say that some of the JiaYu G3 units has a problem of even at standby, the power consumption is high. Not all phones have this problem, and so if your JiaYu G3 doesnt have this, no reason to flash this update.

Here’s the link to the new firmware files:

  • via SP Flash Tool. With this, you have to extract the contents of the archive and flash it by using the SP Flash Tool.
  • via CWM. With this, you just have to copy the archive on your SD card and then flash/install it by using CWM recovery mode.

TIP: Once downloaded, please rename the files from its Chinese file name to any name you desire so as not to have problems.

Just a piece of advice, your data might be lost with flashing a new ROM/firmware so its important to back-up your contacts, messages and apps if you needed to.

With this update for the JiaYu G3 rolling out, we can expect that there is a higher chance that they will continue to develop JB ROMs with their devices. Plus the fact that MT6577 kernel sources have already been released to the public. Devs can now work on bringing JellyBean to these cheap dual-core phones; MediaTek MT6577.

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