KuPhone S9 4S started to sell at $192

We had featured a really nice looking iPhone 4S clone here way back before the iPhone 5 was hot. Its not just the hip look that caught our attention but also the  really impressive set of specs configuration on this iPhone knock-off.

Now, news are out that the KuPhone S9 started to sell despite the long delays.

KuPhone 4S S9

KuPhone 4S S9

A quick refresher on the specs of the KuPhone S9:

  • 1:1 iPhone 4S  replica with colorful covers available
  • anti-fingerprint 3.5-inch IPS LCD, Retina screen at 960*640 pixels, 326ppi
  • Dual Core MT6577 CPU
  • 512MB RAM
  • 8.0 megapixels camera with auto-focus
  • 3000mAh battery

View our full specs review of the KuPhone S9 4S.

While the only change here is the original 1GB amount of RAM which ended up to be just only 512MB now. No 8GB versions and other colors yet, but there was already 16GB black KuPhone S9 being sold in the market for just a price of 1199yuan which is just equivalent to just $192.

By the way, it is also expected that KuPhone will release a KuPhone i5 sooner or later; just another iPhone 5 clone.

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