March 2014 Fastcardtech Discount Codes – Spring Promotion

Here’s the March 2014 issue of Fastcardtech discount codes. It is for this year’s spring season yet you can now already use these codes to nab some savings. Promotion will run through the season.

Fastcardtech Spring Promotion

  • For orders with over $100 total price, you can save $2 just by using the coupon code: 363610
  • For orders with over $200 total price, you can save $5 just by using the coupon code: 363620


How to use these codes?

Upon checking out on your order at Fastcardtech, there is a box at the bottom that you can fill with a code such as these, and then the discount will be applied.

Well, you get the cheapest price online, plus freebies, plus free shipping option, plus these codes. That is why I always recommend Fastcardtech.


Any recommendations?

  • HDC Galaxy S5 GT-i9600 – this Samsung Galaxy S5 clone is a a new flagship for the HDC brand. It features superb specifications, fascinating looks and price tag.
  • HDC Galaxy Note 3 Vitas – this Samsung Galaxy Note 3 clone is even cheaper right now, compared to when it came out. You won’t complain with the looks, it is a perfect Note 3 knock-off. What makes it even more special is its impressive specifications matched with a convincing price tag.
  • GFive G11 and Star U9592 – do you want to have a octa-core phone that will fit into your budget? These 2 sub-$200 octa-core Android phones might get your interest. Using the discount codes for spring promo can even bring the price down of these nice babies, or you could just add some for accessories, and save even more.

More recommendations to come soon. Stay tuned for our upcoming posts.

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