MediaTek going in for ARM Cortex-A50 series and MALI-400 GPU

MediaTek is soon to present its upcoming processor that supports 64-bit architecture, thanks to the ARM Cortex-A50 series and MALI-400 GPU combination.

Cortex A50 series MediaTek

Cortex-A50 series processors includes the Cortex-A53 and Cortex-A57 chipsets which are both based on “ARMv8” architecture. The Cortex-A57 is the highest performing processor, while the A53 shines in terms of power consumption (energy efficiency). Both thses A50 series processors can support 64-bit processing, backward compatible with 32-bit instruction set. With this architecture in the works, MediaTek is capable of coming up with six-core or eight-core SoCs for mobile phones.

MALI-400 MediaTek

If you are familiar with MTK based Android phones, such as MT6575/6577/6589, these three used Imagination PowerVR SGX5 series GPU. This will be changed with the introduction of the MT6572 /6582 that will be using MALI-400 series GPU. On another note, the upcoming eight-core smartphone chip MT6592 will be using a MALI quad-core GPU.

We can expect to see the market flooded with these SoC’s by next year.

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