MediaTek MT6588 Quad-Core Phones to welcome us this 2013

The company behind these MTK6577 dual-core phones we are enjoying now, brings us a good news about their upcoming plan to step up with this current Android smartphones race. Now, here’s something to anticipate; the MT6588/MTK6588. which is a new quad-core processor chip that is slated to start rolling out on the first quarter of 2013.

MediaTek logo

MediaTek logo

That’s a great news. We all know that handsets with MediaTek processing chipset are really cheap. The joy of having a quad-core smartphone by a cheap price is really a wonder. I have been a user of MediaTek based phones for quite some time now and I can say that it is a really good performer, that it can even lead a way ahead of other types of Android processing chips in benchmarking tests and user experience (UX) performance based.

This new MTK6588 quad-core processor is clocked at 1.5-1.7 GHz speed. This CPU is able to render HD resolutions of up to 1280×800 pixels, a camera that can use a 13-megapixels snapper, and capture videos up to 1080p quality. The MT6588 will be based on ARM Cortex A7 at 28nm. Some sources said that we will be able to see devices with this specs on the 2nd half of the next year.

MediaTek MT6588/MT6583 detailed specs

MediaTek MT6588/MT6583 detailed specs table

MediaTek is also on the plan to include LTE support on this new chip, as cited by MediaTek’s general manager Xieqing Jiang. That means LTE Android devices will now become cheaper and more affordable as it was also a target of the company; enabling smartphone manufacturers to release lower-priced handsets that support this 4G technology.

There goes a strong point on getting this MediaTek-based devices over those Qualcomm and Nvidia powered chips on a device. Its an obvious sign that MediaTek wants to surge into the low-cost and larger consumer-base with its offered cheaper pricing on quad-core devices.

Who’s getting one? I am, for sure.

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