MediaTek MT6599 8-core with LTE slated Q4 next year

The MT6588 quad-core devices hasn’t been officially on stores yet, and now we have words from this Taiwan-based chip manufacturer; MediaTek that they will be releasing the MTK6599 chipset, which is an 8-core CPU chip with LTE support just before the end of 2013.

Mediatek MT6599 with 8-core and LTE

Mediatek MT6599 with 8-core and LTE

Not to complicate much things with too tech-stuff here, here’s some of the things you need to know about the MT6599 chip:

MT6599 CPU chip characteristics

  • supports LTE
  • uses 28nm conversion process, pretty much better than the MT6588’s 40nm (the lower the number, the better)
  • uses A7 architecture which consumes less energy than A9
  • it now has double graphics performance and by Imagination SGX544 3D functionality
  • made with SRAM free driver IC to reduce the cost of the panel
  • able to support up to 13 megapixels camera quality
  • has a price of only $18 to $20 per chip piece, relatively cheaper with its competitor; Qualcomm S4 at US$30 – US$40 price tag

Expected trends with the rise of MT6599 devices

  • Quad-core smartphones that are produced by Chinese manufacturers with prices of $320 will go down to $150 or less. (—hey! Crazy indeed! Makes me think as well, I know what you are thinking)
  • We will se the Krait 1.7Ghz MSM8960A in the near future, this is same product with Quad-core MSM8974 dual-core, rather than next to the launch of the 8225Q.
  • It will be a 50-50 percent estimated ratio of proportion for MT6583/MT6588 and the MT6599 chipset on the fourth quarter next year.
  • MT6588 will maintain an overall ASP of just $10 above.
  • Chinese market will be flooded with smartphones of 13MP CMOS snappers.

Excited? It was said that the MT6599 chipset will be available on the early 4th-quarter of the upcoming year, so hell-yeah. There’s more time for us to savor and enjoy our dual-core and quad-core devices; or more smarter, just save that quad-core budget of yours till next yer but no, it might be too long to wait.

Whatever, this MT6599 chip sure do looks promising and enticing at the same time. Makes me say the phrase, “cant wait!”.

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