MediaTek to participate in Shenzen High-Tech Fair, China phones with LTE we can expect

If you still do not know it yet, there will be an event on China, called Shenzen High-Tech Fair. I envy those who will be able to witness showcase of really awesome Chinese made gadgets especially the smartphones and tablets there.

MediaTek will be also on the event as its one of the giants in tech with their really popular and successful SoC offerings that is capable of giving consumers a really cheap device without suffering the quality and performance. It was said that it will be the time for MediaTek to show off a TD-LTE 4G chip. After the event, we can expect China phones with LTE sprouting like mushrooms.

Also dubbed as theĀ China (Shenzhen) International Hi-Tech Fair 2012, it was expected that 3000 exhibitors will be present and 500,000 people will come to witness this really big event of the year in Shenzen.

If you have been following the tech trends, major international brands are now into producing quad-core phones with 4G LTE support. Now, these China phones are taking its step to a higher level, as MediaTek is here to bring us really cheaper quad-core China phones that has 4G LTE support.

The event is happening on November 18-19 this year.

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