Oppo Find 5 – Specs Review: Quad Core JB with 1080p 5-inch HD screen

Oppo Find 5 has been up and listed on Fastcardtech since last week but it is still out of stock as the phone is still yet to come. It is an another quad-core entry that had made an obvious impact of anticipation to most tech enthusiasts out there as you may noticed that it has been talked and reported to many tech blogs and sites already.

Here on this site, we’ll try to tackle more about its posted specification and features as well as the pricing and everything related to this Oppo Find 5.

Oppo Finder 5

Oppo Finder 5


The OPPO Find 5, is a 5.0-inch smartphone with a 1080p HD screen. It runs on Android 4.1 JellyBean out of the box and sports a Qualcomm APQ8064 Quad-Core processor.


Oppo Find 5, or OPPO Finder 5 is another flagship device from OPPO – a Chinese company of mobile phones that recently introduced its “Find/Finder” codenamed set of flagship Android phones and tablets.

The Oppo Find 5 runs on Android 4.1 JellyBean out of the box, its good to know that it has the latest, fastest and well-developed Android OS environment for mobile up to date. It sports a Krait APQ8064 CPU from Qualcomm which is basically a quad-core variant, matched with that is the Andreno 320 as its GPU add-on.

Quad-core + JB? Just simply yields the word: “super fast and smooth”.

This Oppo Find 5 is packed with a whooping 2GB of RAM, and internal ROM memory variants of 16GB and 32GB. Storage memory can still be expanded with a 32GB of external SD memory card at max.

Good to know that this Chinese quad-core phone supports LTE (4G) mobile connectivity as well, aside from 3G/WCDMA support.

One selling point of this device is its 5-inch screen with 1920×1080 pixels resolution. Display is HD and uses IPS technology. With higher pixel density count, this makes the Oppo Find 5 more superior than the iPhone in terms of the screen display quality.

Back covers can be replaced by different colors, such accessories will be available soon. Phone uses the regular 3.5mm audio jack. Body is made up of Corning Gorilla Glass and steel fiber texture as matte finish. Available colors will be black and white. Overall physical design is a wow.

The Oppo Find 5 is packed with a 2500mAh battery. Its pretty much a double boost compared to older Android devices.

Its camera looks improved as well and not just the same on what we are used to seeing. Just check the details below.


Listed below are some of the specs and features of the Oppo Find 5 as posted from FCT listing:

Model: OPPO Find 5

System: Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Processor (CPU): Krait APQ8064

GPU Model: Qualcomm Adreno320


  • RAM: 2G
  • ROM: 16GB, 32GB

LTE: Yes


  • Resolution: 1920 * 1080
  • Material: IPS screen
  • Size: 5-inch 16:9


  • online sources mention Sony and Samsung for this snapper, maybe its the material used
  • dual LED flash
  • face recognition
  • 8x digital zoom
  • autofocus/touch focus
  • support camera shortcut key


  • three-axis gyroscope
  • 3D compass
  • proximity sensor
  • light sensor
  • gravity sensor

NFC: Yes

Body size: 129mm * 65mm * 6.9mm flat, with no protruding

Body color: black, white

Memory card: support 16GB, 32GB

Battery capacity: 2500mAh

Product Weight: 149g, including battery

Oppo Find 5

Oppo Find 5


No hands-on photos or videos of this Oppo Find 5 yet, but will keep you guys posted once they’re out and available.


Xiaomi Mi-2 killer? Not just that, as other tech enthusiasts sees it as an iPhone 5 killer already. So here we are with a decent set of quad-core devices to anticipate and choose from. The over-all specs and physical design is definitely an irresistible offer.

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