February 2014 Fastcardtech Discount Codes – Valentines Coupons

Here’s the February 2014 issue of Fastcardtech discount codes. You can

HDC Galaxy S5 GT-i9600: S5 clone coming soon?

Well, here they goes again. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is not

Today is a good day to buy the HDC Galaxy Note 3 Vitas

HDC Galaxy Note 3 Vitas, now on promotional price. Its the 3GB

Doogee TURBO DG2014: 5.5mm thin Quad Core under $150

This phone sounds odd, the Doogee TURBO DG2014 reminds me of

Bird Dragon XL – MT6592 – Review and Specifications

The Bird Dragon XL is a new eyecandy for the MTK6592

GFIVE G11: MT6592 Octa-Core at $189

GFIVE G11, another cheap MTK6592 Octa Core Android phone. It has

Ulefone U9592: Cheapest Octa-Core S4 Clone with 2GB RAM at $188

The Ulefone U9592 is another Galaxy S4 clone but with MT6592

HDC Galaxy Note 3 Vitas – Specifications and Review

The HDC Galaxy Note 3 Vitas is a new Galaxy Note

January 2014 – Fastcardtech New Year Discount Codes

The new year had just kicked-in and if you already seen

Fastcardtech – December 2013 Discount Coupons

Okay guys, here’s another batch of discount codes you can use

Fastcardtech Christmas Promotion Discount Codes

Christmas is just waiting around the corner, its not just about

KiPhone i5S Videos

The KiPhone i5S is an awesome iPhone 5S clone you might