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Hi guys! How is everybody doin?

Me? Somehow busy with real-life stuff and I am the only editor of this blog so not much update you have been getting. I also missed to make the weekly round-up for last week. Now, with this I’ll try to catch up.

Time to grab a JiaYu G3!

Did you know that the JiaYu G3 is already officially launched? Ow yeah! It will be available on major Chinese online stores soon, well not now as per there is just 5000 black models that was distributed before their holidays, so its a bit of delay especially to us (international customers); and that first batch surely falls on the hands of those who did preordered the JiaYu G3.

China phones news!

Its obvious that my last week’s updates was mostly about China phone news, and not much of new product specifications review. I plan to catch up with my specs reviews of the latest phones that are added on Fastcardtech listings this week. But still, I will post some cool news that I manage to get from Chinese blog sites. Isn’t it better to read my translation and explanation of those, am I right?

Problems with the S3 Pro.

The HDC Galaxy S3 Pro has been already surfacing since the early of August, but just this past week I had received a bunch of reports about problems with their Galaxy S3 clone phone. I do not know much but here’s what I just can give to my valued readers and followers.

  • Touchscreen not working or phone is not booting — you might just need to re-flash the firmware, ask FCT about the instructions and the files needed. Trust me, even if a phone doesn’t boot up and there is no hardware problems, it can be possibly fixed by re-flashing its ROM/firmware.
  • GPS problems — I owe the confirmation of working GPS on HDC Galaxy S3 from Colonel Zap. Guys, he’s the man you can trust. I bet its just a matter of mis–configuration with the GPS files. I plan to make a post about fixing GPS problems with Chinese Android phones soon so stay tuned. PS. I used to have GPS problems with my ZP100 before but I managed to fixed it, problem did occur again but I know the fix. Will post about it this week.

Cheap buy or cheap trick?

Readers posted other links to shops that sells the Xiaomi Mi 2 phone at lowest pricing. You can see really cheap offers but some confirmed that the store is a certified scam/fraud shop.

A suggestion from a reader.

A reader named Dan also made a good suggestion about putting up something like a “phone finder” service, wherein you can search for China phone suggestions depending on the specs you are looking for. Even though you can already do that stuff on Fastcardtech categories, I am still looking into the idea of building a better and more comprehensive one so stay tuned for that.

That’s it for now guys! Have an awesome week ahead.

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