Rooted: HDC Galaxy Note 2 PRO

Here’s the tutorial on how I rooted my HDC Galaxy Note 2 PRO. It works with other Chinese phones running Android 4.0 ICS or up. Its a universal root, easy and no-sweat.

How to Root HDC Galaxy Note 2 PRO

How to Root HDC Galaxy Note 2 PRO

I had posted the tutorial from my other blog. Click this for the link: How to Root any Chinese Android running Android 4.0 ICS/4.1 JB

I just decided to root the phone first so I can now use Titanium Back up for freezing some unwanted apps, and also be able to install some HD games that I’ll be demonstrating on the next updates.

As I had said that its a universal method, please try this, method on your own and update us if it works on your device. We’ll compile up a list of devices that has been successfully rooted by this method. Cheers!

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