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AUX V930 – Specs Review: 5.3-inch Android 4.0 MTK6575 3000mAh

Aux, another China-based manufacturer brings us their 5.3-inch tablet entry to

Q&O T1 – MT6577 Android phone with projector

Here is another upcoming MT6577 dual-core smartphone that has a projector

Lenovo P700i – Specs Review: MT6577 Android 4.0 Dual Core 1.0GHz 4.0-inches IPS 2500mAh

It was just only a few weeks since the Lenovo P700

Lenovo S720 – Specs Review: MT6577 Dual Core 1.0GHz 4.5-inches QHD

Here’s an upcoming entry of Lenovo on the MT6577 category. Its

Newsmy Newman N1 – Specs Review: MTK6577 4.3-inch Android ICS Dual SIM 3G

The Newman N1, also called Newsmy N1 is another very affordable

Amoi N820 – Specs Review: MT6577 Dual Core 1GHz 4.5 inch QHD Android 4.0 Dual SIM 3G

Here’s something great from Amoi, the Amoi N820. It has really

Star N9770 MT6577 – Specs Review: 5-inch Android 4.0 1.0 GHz Dual Core 3G 8.0MP Camera

The Star N9770 is another phablet/tabphone knock-off that is inspired to the physical

Haipai X710D Evo 4G LTE – Specs Review: 1.2Ghz Dual Core 5.3 inch Android 4.0.9 Dual SIM

If you are up for a bigger screen smartphone, just like

Jiayu G3 – Specs Review: Dual Core 4.5-inch IPS Android ICS Dual SIM 3G

The Jiayu G3 is the successor of the MT6575 Jiayu G2