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Changhong HONphone Z3: 4.5-inch qHD with 3200mAh battery, dual-core Android

Here comes the Changhong HONphone Z3, a 4.5-inch dual-core Android device

Rumored $250 Quad-core phone from TCL

With the upcoming MT6589 phones, and TCL as confirmed to be

Coolpad 7290: 4.5-inch dual core Android for just $136

So we got here another cheap dual-core Android by the name

EBEST S5: upcoming Ultra-thin Dual Core at 8.9mm

EBEST recently announced a new upcoming handset, dubbed as the EBEST

Lenovo P770: upcoming Android 4.1 with 3500mAh battery

News are out and has already been circulating in the web

NEO NO2-M Specs Review: 4.5-inch qHD Dual Core MT6577 1GB RAM

The NEO NO2-M seems to be now official in China after its

Lenovo Arkansas Project Phone: MT6588 Quad-Core entry from Lenovo on the making

Words are out that the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Lenovo is on

ZTE U985 – Specs Review: Quad Core with Nvidia Tegra3

Here’s another entry to the bandwagon of quad-core phones category. ZTE

Q&O T1 – MT6577 Android phone with projector

Here is another upcoming MT6577 dual-core smartphone that has a projector

Lenovo S720 – Specs Review: MT6577 Dual Core 1.0GHz 4.5-inches QHD

Here’s an upcoming entry of Lenovo on the MT6577 category. Its

Amoi N820 – Specs Review: MT6577 Dual Core 1GHz 4.5 inch QHD Android 4.0 Dual SIM 3G

Here’s something great from Amoi, the Amoi N820. It has really

Jiayu G3 – Specs Review: Dual Core 4.5-inch IPS Android ICS Dual SIM 3G

The Jiayu G3 is the successor of the MT6575 Jiayu G2