TCL S600: 4-inch Waterproof dual-core Android phone

The TCL S600 Shark has been already out for many months already. Not sure if some of you might have the interest for this phone, but I think it is still cool to know that this kind of phone exists.

Yes, as the name implies “shark”, this phone is another¬†waterproof phone!

I never thought even smaller and less-famous Chinese makers will start to dive on making phones with this kind feature. While the main specs is not that impressive compared to other dual-cores out there, its really nice to think that the future higher-end phones might have this waterproof characteristics, say expect it from TCL.

TCL S600 Shark - Waterproof Phone

TCL S600 Shark – Waterproof Phone

The TCL S600 is a sibling of the higher-end TCL Shark S800.

A refresher on the specs of this TCL S600: it sports a MediaTek MT6577 dual-core processor, clocked at 1GHz. It is equipped with a 4.0-inch TFT screen, with WVGA resolution at 800×480 pixels. It is packed with 512MB of RAM and usable storage space of 4GB. It has dual camera of 5MP/0.3MP snapper set.¬†The battery of the TCL S600 is only at 1500 mAh, which obviously lower than the average.

The waterproofing of the TCL Shark phones is made possible by the implementation of P2i waterproof technology. The P2i technology uses an application of a nano Bohou polymer layer to the surface of the product. This results a liquid-repelling action.

The Shark S600 have four colors to choose from; silver-white, black-red, and black-yellow so as to fit everyone’s preference.

Here’s a video of the Shark S600, the transcription is in Chinese and I cannot understand it too.

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