Ulefone U9592: Cheapest Octa-Core S4 Clone with 2GB RAM at $188

The Ulefone U9592 is another Galaxy S4 clone but with MT6592 Octa Core processor that is clocked at 1.7GHz. It has 5.0 inches of HD IPS display, running on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean out of the box with 2GB of RAM and a very interesting price of just $188. The cheapest Octa-Core phone you can grab right now.

Ulefone U9592 White

If the only impression you have with these new Octa-Core Chinese Android phones is their high price tag, then the Ulefone U9592 wants to change that. The Ulefone U9592 is a perfect-looking S4 clone that is packed with the latest eight-core SoC from MediaTek, with a price tag that you can’t resist alongside with the impressive specifications packed in one.

Ulefone U9592 Specifications Review

Ulefone U9592 Black

The Ulefone U9592, being a Galaxy S4 clone, has the same design and size as the real Samsung Galaxy S4. It also have the same TouchWiz UI interface to add to the show and functionality. This China phone has working Google Play Store pre-installed already.

Ulefone U9592 Front

The Ulefone U9592 has a 5 inches screen, same as the S4, but with a HD screen of 1280×720 pixels in resolution which you can expect a clear, crisp and vivid display. The multi-touchscreen is made of IPS material which prevents the display colors from washing out when viewed at certain angles.

Ulefone U9592 Back

The camera on the Ulefone U9592 is a 13 megapixels shooter in the rear with auto-focus, LED flash and digital zoom. While on the front is a 5MP snapper which is more than decent enough for selfie shots and video calls.

Ulefone U9592 Side

The Ulefone U9592 is totally unlocked and will work on any carriers worldwide. It has support for dual-SIM cards of Normal size for both slot. One slot supports WCDMA connectivity which can be switched instantly without the need of physically swapping the location of the SIM cards. It also have Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS and other necessary sensors for an Android smartphone.

Ulefone U9592 Top

The Ulefone U9592 is packed with a 2800mAh battery under its thin housing which promises you more usage time for the device.

Ulefone U9592 Bottom

The Ulefone U9592 has 2GB of RAM which gives a seamless multi-tasking experience. You can open many apps simultaneously and keep them running without even slowing the device. Paired with the Octa-Core processor and the buttery-smooth Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS, you have a wonderfully fast smart device on your palm. The internal storage memory is a 16GB ROM which is still expandable with a micro-SD card, that is a normally lot of storage space already.


The Ulefone U9592 is a smart choice for a new smartphone right now, taking into consideration all the specifications it has with regards to its relatively low price tag. You might find such features and specifications on other brands/models but of a higher pricing because it sports the latest octa-core flagship processor. If you also prefer to have a phone that has the elegant looks of a Galaxy S4, then this is a perfect pick for you.

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Where to buy Ulefone U9592?

The Ulefone U9592 can be ordered online for just $188 with free worldwide shipping. It is the cheapest value out there plus you will also receive the complete packaging with a free leather flip-cover, a headset, and a similar-looking S4 box.

Ulefone U9592 Review Package Contents

If you plan on buying the Ulefone U9592, I suggest you buy it from Fastcardtech. They have the cheapest pricing, free shipping promotions and regular discount coupons. The $188 price for the Ulefone U9592 is a limited promotional pricing only, once the promotion ends, it will be back on its original price of $192.

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