UMI X2: Specs and Images Revealed

Here goes UMI X2 or UMI XII, who’s excited?!

UMI has been one of the best sound maker in the Chinese manufacturing field. They had brought us the UMI X1 which is a dual core device with 4.5 inch HD screen, 1GB of RAM, 8MP camera,  and thickness of just 8.5mm and offered for just 899 yuan (approximately $145). The UMI X1 has been a rival of the less available JiaYu G3 way back then.

When the smartphone enthusiasts heard of the UMI x2, they have been always skeptical on how it will goes. Will it be able to surpass what awesome its predecessor did brought us, yet sustaining that low-cost asset?

Okay now, let go straight to the point. UMI already posted out some of the highlights of what we can expect with the X2. Plus some fancy bonus on how it will look like.



UMI XII/UMI X2 Specs and Features

Short, the UMI X2 still got that excellent body design, its sleek and possess that really nice curvatures on top and lower portion of its slate. The back still has the same physique as the X1’s arc surface design and its most interesting point: it has 8.9mm thickness.

Its bezel is beautifully lessen to just 3.4mm, showcasing an aspect ratio of 16:9 in a 4.7-inches screen. The screen said to be at full HD having a 1920*1080 pixels resolution, and yes it is an IPS LCD.



The UMI X2 is equipped with a camera at 12-megapixels and a quad-core processor that is clocked at 1.5GHz.

Other information, I will just keep you guys updated. With all those in thought, no doubt that UMI is still able to come up an upgrade of the really good and commendable UMI X1 we all used to know. Taking up another level at quad-core smartphone bracket.

With the low pricing they had with the X1, expect that the UMI X2 will also come out at a really interesting and irresistible price tag.

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