Vsun Mobile i9: $48 dual-core, 4-inch Peter Pan Android phone

From 520 yuan ($84) now down to just 299 yuan ($48), this Vsun Mobile i9 cannot be ignored! Such another cheap phone, yet with really promising specs. It is priced more than the MOGU M0 but as obvious, the Vsun i9 have better specs.

Vsun i9

Vsun i9

When translated via Google, this phone reflects the name of Peter Pan. It connotes “little magical man”, kind of weird but even this little Vsun i9 Android phone has all the guts to be a hot-sell by itself.

Here’s a rundown on its specs:

  • 4.0 inches WVGA screen
  • MediaTek MTK6577 dual-core processor
  • 512MB RAM and 4GB ROM of memory combinations
  • 8MP with flash/1.3MP camera pair
  • Dual SIM
Vsun i9 - back

Vsun i9 – back

Do not underestimate this 4-inch Android baby. It houses powerful parameters yet keeping itself on a very cheap price tag. A proof that this thing really exists, you can check the Vsun i9 from its official site here on this link.

Vsun i9 mobile

Vsun i9 mobile

Below’s a couple of Chinese-made videos you might intend to watch.

The 299 yuan pricing is just a promotion for early adopters to get an this Vsun i9 phone, which are limited at 500 pieces for the first release this coming December 18. When I checked the sign-up page for this, just saw less than 60 people to like the announcement. If this was an international promotional sale, then this sure to be a hit. Lucky Chinese people indeed!

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