Why I think Hootablet is a Scam

I will just say my thoughts with regards to the online electronic shop named: HooTablet. I do not have anything against them, personally or whatever. I just wanna help to give an answer to the big question of my readers: Is Hootablet.com legit or fraud?



Hootablet caught the attention of many online shoppers of these Chinese electronic goods due to its very low pricing on almost any smartphone or tablet. I first heard about it when somebody commented and said that Hootablet got the lowest pricing of Xiaomi Mi-2 compared to anywhere else.

Recently, I decided to make my own investigation about this. Just a simple search on the web can lead you to discussion forums of users whom have experience with this. Still, let me show you some of the things I discovered that made me think that they are a scam, or cannot be trusted based on the internal things they have.

Warning: Do not read if you think you’ll be angry with the author at the end. You have been warned. Please do take this with a pinch of salt.

Internal Factors

To make an investigation, of course you must see the thing you are going to look up to. In this case, the site is located at http://hootablet.com/

I did tried to look-up on its domain’s whois, this will let you know who registered the domain. But for some reasons, the domain whois privacy is protected and we cannot know the information of the registrant. That is not a good sign. Online businesses owners should not hide their identity, unless there’s a reason. So think.

However, checking out the domain registrar, it was registered through a Chinese domain registrar.



Not sure if only people at China are those who can register a domain with that. But noting that the site was just created last August this year, which if you count is just less than a hundred days; what do you think?

BTW: Reports from forum posters, that the Paypal name that was used to receive customers’ payments is: Wang Dapeng.

The site is clean, interface is simple and neat. But most of all, the real eye-catcher for this site is, the price of the listed items. Too good to be true?

Let’s take for example the item: Xiaomi Mi2:

Xiaomi Mi2 price on hootablet

Xiaomi Mi2 price on hootablet

They sell the Xiaomi Mi-2 for just $290.27. When actually, the original price of Xiaomi Mi-2 as priced 1999 Yuan which is equivalent to $319.1344 —cheaper than the price of the official manufacturer? How was that possible? Think again.

Getting back on the site’s content and structure, checking on the About page, this is what I had found out:

Open the embedded image on a new tab. You’ll see a different URL, the image was just hot-linked.

this image belongs to chinatabletshop.com

Well, what’s that chinatabletshop.com? I decided to check out that site, thinking that it might be just another site of the hootablet owner, but there isnt any strong proof that says so.

It just clearly says that hootablet just copied the about page of that other shop, only some brand specific parts edited. Well then, how will you judge an online shop that cannot make its own about page, and just copies another infamous site, thinking it wont be noticed?

Im posting the screenshots of the pages as well, in case it might get updated after this post is published:

hootablet about

hootablet.com About Page

chinatabletshop about

chinatabletshop.com About page

Just see it for yourself.

Another thing is about the JiaYu G3:

Just read the replies of Hootablet on user comments/reviews.

Jiayu G3 shipped

Jiayu G3 shipped?

A guy ordered, and a week after, hootablet is saying that the phone is already been shipped and on its way now to that lucky guy. How it was possible when we know that the first batch of JiaYu G3‘s goes only for those who started pre-ordering it since August?

jiayu g3 on stock

Jiayu G3 on stock?

Wow! Excuse my grammar but that is the awesomest thing you can know from a seller if its true. Gonna get a JY-G3 from them, but yeah, its an obvious sales pitch.

External Factors

A very good thread to follow, is the link shared to us by a reader named morena. The link to the forum thread —> http://tabletrepublic.com/forum/tablet-manufacturers-suppliers/2957-hootablet-legit-fraud-print.html

Read for yourself, as morena said; read all. But if you are lazy, let me help you on skimming through all the users posts, here’s what you can find out.

The Modus of Hootablet

Hootablet got a modus of, first selling you properly an item, then scam you once you decide to order some more from the shop.

3 possible things that is possible to happen on your order:

  1. it will come as the stuff you bought
  2. worst, it will not come anymore
  3. annoying, a package will come but contains a screen protector only

Different people receives same tracking number

Some had thought that there is something they should anticipate as per the hootablet seller gives them a tracking number that is really traceable, but unknowingly, its the same number that was given to most of the buyers.

Seller gets unresponsive once you paid

You’ll never want this scenario to happen in any online purchasing story.

Possibility of getting your money back

Somebody posted a way to be safe, but still not 100% risk free hence there is still a chance that you’ll lost your money. This is done by filing a dispute on Paypal once you had paid for the item. Just read the full details of this tip on the linked forum topic.

Many are still becoming vitims

I do not know why there are still people who takes the risk despite all the posted feedback from their co-members on that forum site. While some are wisely saying that “just dont order from them”, which I also think is right, many are still ordering just to make another proof. Well, for me, its already proven and its not worth taking the risk anymore as it was experienced by many already.

Its up to you

All the things I had said is just my personal thoughts. I am not dictating anybody on what to believe, all the things are still up to you. I just did said what is bugging my mind for the past few days, as this topic has been into my mind and at last I can release it out now through this post, for the sake of helping out my readers.

Im not writing in behalf of FCT. I am not saying that fastcardtech is perfect, they have a lot of typos, cluttered site, and many other issues, but still I do promote them as I do trust them.

To tell you guys, I will as well promote other shops here once I find another reliable online Chinese electronics goods shop. I just havent found and tried any other else yet at this moment, so just keep on watching out for it at the moment.

Its really kind of sad when some people are tricked by new sites that are just made to make easy money from people who uses their hard-earned money to buy cheaper gadgets such as phones or tablets. I guess that’s all for this post now, I just hope you know the answer to: Is hootablet legit or a scam? Share your thoughts.

Have you been a hootablet customer? Share your story to us via the comments!

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