Xiaomi Mi-2 goes on surprise sale for 600 lucky users in China!

The Xiaomi M2, or Xiaomi Mi-2 is among one of the most anticipated phones out there that without a doubt made a very attracting and irresistible offer to Android phone buyers! With its impressive specs and all the good stuff it can offer, its really sad to know that it hasn’t made it on the stores yet, giving way to the Xiaomi M1s first.

Xiaomi Mi-2 Surprise Sale

Xiaomi Mi-2 Surprise Sale

Adel, a guy from China tipped us about the recent sale of this coveted Xiaomi Mi-2 in China wherein, this successful company; Xiaomi pre-sold 600 units of the Xiaomi M2 in just a few minutes to selected people only!

Pretty much for those VIP only as what Adel did mentioned to us. But neither of us have the idea of what or who are those VIPs selected by Xiaomi. They were very much lucky indeed, as we cannot expect yet a specific date on when this M2 phone will be available on the market stocks.

I just hope that some of them likes to blog and so we can manage to stumble upon a couple of real hands-on photos and videos to the Xiaomi Phone 2. This also makes me think that it will be harder to tell if someone posted a fake M2 showcase as they can just say that they got the unit from the secret pre-sale.

Additional update with the Xiaomi Mi-2 is, it will also have a 32GB variation in addition to the first teased 16GB. Xiaomi can be compared to Apple in terms of very effective marketing strategies and continuous growing of sales.

In case you missed it, here’s our specs review of the Xiaomi Mi-2 so you can be more familiar with  it and know about its full-specs.

Also here’s a suggestion of where to buy the Xiaomi Mi-2 in case you do not live in China and is looking for the online store that sells it with the cheapest price tag.

If you’ll ask me, I’ll personally grab this Xiaomi Mi-2 too! It is a heaven on earth already.

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