Xiaomi Mi-2A Specs (小米2A)

There will really be a Xiaomi Mi-2A! While the predecessor Xiaomi Mi-2 is still a pretty hard-to-get Chinese quad-core device, it seems like Xiaomi is already set to offer a revamped version of the said popular flagship phone. Here’s the latest insider news about the specs of this upcoming Xiaomi M2A.

Xiaomi Mi2A

Xiaomi Mi2A specs leaked

The Xiaomi Mi-2A will sport a 4.46-inch of Japan Display, HD screen at 1280×720 pixels resolution. It is a bit bigger than the previous Mi-2, which is just at 4.3 inches. Basically, the pixel density is slightly decreased yet it still stays on the Retina display category.

The screen material will allegedly use a low-temperature polysilicon (LTPS) technology. With this, the bezel (or border thickness) of the Xiaomi Mi2A has been greatly narrowed at just 1mm.

It will sport a Qualcomm MSM8930 quad-core processor clocked at 1.7GHz, which is under the 28nm Krait architecture. It is then matched with a Adreno 305 as its GPU.

The Xiaomi Mi2A will also support three 3G standards, namely: TD-SCDMA, WCDMA and CDMA. It will be packed with 1GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage capacity. The camera is still at 8-megapixels and I am guessing that it will still use the same high quality camera as per the previous Mi-2.

The M2A could be gone a lot better if it was at bigger screen, 2GB of RAM and has 12MP snapper. Price of the Xiaomi Mi2A is still unknown as of the moment, it might be just a little upgrade to the Mi-2 and we can expect that this one comes out near the Mi-2’s sub $350 price range.

The better specs expectations might be reserved for the Mi-3, we never know. Expected market time of the Xiaomi M2A is around May of this year. More info about the Xiaomi Mi-2A will be published as we get them.

Xiaomi Mi-2A Specs

Recap on the Xiaomi Mi-2A specs:

  • 4.46-inch, Japan Display, 720p
  • LTPS technology, 1mm bezel thickness
  • Qualcomm MSM8930 processor, quad-core, 1.7GHz, 28nm Krait architecture
  • Adreno 305 GPU
  • 1GB RAM
  • 16GB internal storage memory
  • 8 megapixels shooter
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