Xiaomi Phone 2 / Mi-2 / M2 official sale date is on October 30

Not sure if this is really the final thing, but I just hope so. Well, with this freaking awesome phone, the Xiaomi Mi-2 aka Xiaomi Phone 2 really became an apple of the eye of many Chinese phone seekers. Even those who arent fan of these Chinese made Android smartphones are not able to make themselves exempted. The only thing we can hate about this Xiaomi Mi-2 phone is, its delay of market release and not just going all-out for a public sale.

But news are in! The Xiaomi Phone 2 / Mi-2 / M2 is set to have its official market launch starting October 30. With that in thought, international buyers might already get their Xiaomi Mi-2 right after some few days later if they had preordered the Xiaomi M2 phone for a long time already.

Xiaomi Phone 2 Sell Date

Xiaomi Phone 2 Sell Date

The good thing we can assure now is, this upcoming official Xiaomi Mi-2 was said to have dozens of improvements, in terms of polishing the phone for quite a month.

However, a bit of not so good news is, the first batch of this Xiaomi Phone 2 Official is just up for a number of 50,000 units. We can expect that this number can be easily gone with the wind just like the previous surprise sale Xiaomi did way back some time ago. Still, there will be the next batch by mid-November on which 250,000 units are set for the market release.

By the way, we can expect these variations of the Xiaomi Mi-2 that will go up on sale:

  • 16GB version – 1999 yuan or approx. $320
  • 32GB version – 2299 yuan or approx. $368

Reading from the Chinese news source, these two releases will prioritize those who had made the pre-orders on the Xiaomi’s official site. Unfair for international buyers like us. You might like to check my previous post entitled: Places to Buy the Xiaomi Mi-2 with cheapest price.

Just for a review, here’s the official Xiaomi M2 specs:

  • Qualcomm APQ8064 quad-core processor, frequency 1.5GHz
  • built-in Adreno 320 graphics processor
  • 4.3-inch IPS screen resolution of 1280*720 HD
  • RAM: 2GB
  • 16GB/32Gb internal storage
  • high-definition camera, support 1080P HD camera with auto-focus, HDR, etc.
  • battery: 2000 mA
  • full range of sensors, including gyroscopes, pressure sensors, light sensors, temperature sensor, gravity sensor, proximity sensor and electronic compass.

Also, the Xiaomi Phone 2 will sport a MIUIV4 interface, optimized for the Android 4.1 JellyBean firmware.

Another rumor circulating around, the Qualcomm APQ8064 is now out of stock in China, Please take this with a pinch of salt.

Who here did made a pre-order of the Xiaomi Phone 2 / Mi-2 / M2 ? Anybody else excited with this news? What can you say?

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